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Everybody likes extra space to store things in their home garage and that’s exactly what residential roll up garage doors provide.  These types of doors are split into different sections that automatically roll up into a drum above the garage opening. 

This is also a great option if you have a short driveway as it does not swing outward. Rolling garage doors are manufactured from thin strips of aluminum.  Typically roll up garages are automatic, which makes them very useful in bad weather conditions. In the comfort of your vehicle you can just use an opener to open or close the door. 

In addition, most roller doors have auto locks so you don’t have to remember to lock your door. These features offer a great amount of convenience to the homeowner, which is what makes this door such a popular choice.

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Convenient Door Repair and Replacement

Insulated garage doors are an excellent way to beat the heat or cold and save money on your electricity bill. 

In addition, if you enjoy spending time in your garage woodworking, tinkering with your car or even lifting weights, you’ll want to be comfortable in that area of your home.  Our pros at Westfield Garage Door Indiana are always available to speak with you and also offer free estimates for your job.  

After we’re done with our insulation service, you will never freeze or sweat in your garage again. After a few years of heavy usage, you may find your roll up door malfunctioning as it stops working consistently.

When this happens, call us for help and we will be on our way as soon as possible. If you need a roll up garage door repair, look no further than the experts at our company for fast service.  Our same day rollup repair service is available for all Westfield residential garage.  You can expect dependable, prompt door technicians that are trained in first-class repair work.


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